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There are lots of ways to PowderPak.   
Our most widely used commercial application.


We not only supply PowderPak surfaces for parks and resorts, we assist at every stage of design, manufacturing and installation.  Whether you just need surface materials or you're looking for a consultant to help perfect your park, we are here for you.  

The perfect solution for high-traffic ski lift areas.


PowderPak is used in the world's most elite ski resorts to help reliably shepherd skiers through lift stations.  It can also be used on natural slopes.  Just roll it out!  We will help you design the perfect backing for your terrain.  Want to add a color or resort logo?  Yeah, we can do that.    

The premier surface for professional terrain parks.


Olympians and XSport athletes rely on PowderPak to train in the off-season, but our surfaces are also perfect for year-round operations.  From indoor snowboarding parks to professional ski-jump competitions, PowderPak is on the job.

No project is too small.


PowderPak is not just for commercial powder players.  We have cost-effective solutions to turn your backyard into the most popular ​pad in the neighborhood.  Your parent-of-the-year award is in the bag.  Just give us a call!

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